Seminars . . .

Seminars will be held on Tuesday March 22, the day before the show… IN ORDER To maximize your time with microphone-presentations-louisville-manufactured-housing-showattendees on Wednesday and Thursday.

Once again, we’ve turned to popular MH educational/seminar authority, L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach, to organize ‘SRO – Standing Room Only’ – MH2016TunicaManufacturedHomesShow-seminars-1 Seminars – profit-boosting learning experiences, tailored for MH Pros coming to the Tunica Manufactured Housing Show in 2016!

1. What’s New & Hot in Manufactured Home Financing! A panel of the industry’s Tunica-Show-2015-seminarsleading MH lenders will share a panel, with each presenting their hottest or newest plans for 2016. Don’t lag behind your competitors! Those who come, will know and can grow through smarter financing opportunities available in 2016.

2. The Community/Retailing Scene. You may be in retail or communities, either way, this session will be for 2016TunicaManufacturedHomesShow-seminars-3YOU. Communities have increasingly turned into retailers, and what this panel of community pros will share – their success tips – can be powerful and profitable for both MH Communities and MH Retailer Professionals. Management, Owners and front-line pros can all benefit from this real-world experience session. Don’t miss it.

3. Super-Savvy Marketing for More Sales. Its all about common sense marketing that2016TunicaManufacturedHomesShow-seminars-2 works in the real world! L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach has owned 2016TunicaManufacturedHomesShow-seminars-3and managed high-volume MH retail centers and has coached MH Communities with lagging sales into solid, profit-making territory. Learn some secrets of success from popular presenter and MH consultant, L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach, who personally leads the 2016TunicaManufacturedHomesShow-seminars-1Super-Savvy Marketing for More Sales in 2017 Seminar.

East, West, North and South (and the Central U.S. too!) – L. A. “Tony” Kovach has delivered powerful yet practical insights that get high ratings from attendees, as do all of the SRO Seminars you’ll see at the Tunica Manufactured Housing Show in 2017.

Seminars Will Be Held On Tuesday March 28, The Day Before The Show… In Order To Maximize Your Time With Exhibitors On Wednesday, Thursday And Friday.

All seminars will be held at Resort Hotel and Casino on the 2nd Floor on Tuesday, March 28 starting at 2:00pm.