We at the Tunica Show want to treat you to a spectacular array of NEW HOMES, PRODUCTS, AND SERVICES. Whatever your inventory requires, you’re likely to find the most exciting single-section and system-built homes. It will be a feast for the eyes for all of you, with endless possibilities and combinations. It’s also an excellent opportunity to cut great deals; be the first to see new product/home introductions; talk with R&D and marketing execs; compare prices, service, and follow-through … and network with industry professionals.

The Tunica Show has more homes than any other industry event!  In 2015 The Tunica Show registered retailers, builder/developers, community owners/operators, and installers from all over the region.  The show drew 1,192 retailers, builder/developers, community owners/operators, and installers this past year, from an expansive region which stretched from Illinois all the way to East Texas. The number of attendees actually exceeded our expectations and even surpassed last year’s attendance numbers.  This is a significant coup for The Tunica Show, because it means new business relationships abound!

It has been shown statistically that regional shows draw primarily from a 200-mile radius of the event. Even national shows draw the majority of their attendance from a 400-mile radius. So there can be no question that the retailers, builder/developers, community owners/operators who attend The Tunica Show represent a specific customer base. People want to use their time more productively – their priorities have changed. They have neither the funds nor the inclination to spend days and days traveling. They want to attend something close by that will enable them to get back to work and back to their families as quickly as possible. They are unlikely to attend another show, in another part of the country, because they feel it would be superfluous and inconvenient.

 This is a time for preparation, accepting new challenges, changing direction if necessary, but mostly a time for being there. Manufacturers and suppliers will be at the show because they want to maintain customer relationships. They know that even when someone doesn’t purchase or order right now, they will in the near future. So this is not a time for cutting ties, but for strengthening them. You’ll find thousands of your colleagues doing the same thing, so come to the show and see how the collective spirit prevails. It will give you a boost!

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